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The client


Bonzah is a startup that provides car rental insurance for renters in the US. Prior to Bonzah, the founder and his companions ran a car rental comparison website for 12 years. The biggest complaint from those users was the high price of car rental insurance. The solution for this was a stand-alone third-party insurance app that sells insurance for a cheap price. Three types of rentals can be covered by Bonzah:

  1. Docked rental cars like Hertz

  2. Undocked carshare like Zipcar

  3. peer to peer similar to Turo and Getaround

The stakeholder for this project was Steve Sherlock, the founder, and CEO. 

Most Bonzah users find Bonzah on comparative websites, where they fill in their destination, duration of the trip and residence. Bonzah does not need to know where the car is from. The app is a vetted process — finding the right insurance coverage for the user. Bonzah insures the person for the duration of their car rental and does not ensure the car itself. As long as the user doesn’t violate the terms and conditions: the user is older than 18 years, the car is worth less than $40.000, and the trip takes less than 45 days.

What is the problem we are helping to solve?


Our team, Wig, Elizabeth and I, a UI Designation team, were asked to design for the already existing MVP prototype, designed by a Designation UX team. Given that almost half of the users are mobile users, the app is intended to accommodate those users with easy accessibility and a streamlined process.

The challenge for this project was to design the UI for the app that could function as the sidekick for the Bonzah website. The UI should be in line with the existing brand, but not mirror the website.

The design solution

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Analyzing the existing website


By analyzing the website, I became familiar with the existing look and message of the brand. Bonzah did not perform desirability testing on their current website. I was excited to test my future designs, convinced that adding value this way was important for the success of the app.

For the app, I planned to use colors and photography in a more consistent and balanced way to avoid confused users. The excited and carefree photography theme is in line with how a user would want to feel after purchasing a car rental insurance. I was curious how this mood and feel was going to resonate with our testers. And like the website, the app needed to have a clean, transparent and glanceable layout, suitable for users on the go looking to quickly buy insurance.

The app needed to differentiate from the website with easy glanceability and a consistent clear layout when it comes to color use, photography and overall feel, to ensure a fast user flow. I was excited to other than reviews used on the website, establish trustworthiness with fonts, photography, colors and a very clean and thoughtful layout.